Discover FATTY: The game, the ecosystem, and the presale

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are turning to blockchain-based games like FatBoy for new and enjoyable ways to earn tokens.

Who would not be intrigued by a well-developed crypto game, right? With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, many crypto enthusiasts have started looking for new activities and new ways to earn extra tokens without the stress implied by crypto trading. After all, a crypto-related activity has to be fun, too.

Fortunately, developers did not lose time and found plenty of ways to entertain the crypto community. With stunning graphics and intriguing storylines, crypto (or blockchain-based) games have become sort of the status quo in the crypto industry, making it extremely easy for users to earn some extra tokens while also performing a fun and engaging activity. 

One of these intriguing games is FatBoy, a concept that aims to welcome users into an absolutely amazing ecosystem with plenty of winning opportunities available to players from all over the world. 

Thus, let’s discover FatBoy and FATTY together.

What is FatBoy?

FatBoy is a newly launched crypto game with a high chance of becoming the most popular and widely played blockchain-based game in 2024 and beyond. The game was developed by CleevioX and is supported by numerous VCs, thus having a high potential since the very beginning of its development process.

The game’s main character is FatBoy, a virtual character similar to those from popular games like Tamagotchi, Pou, Talking Tom, or Talking Angela. And with this piece of information, you have probably already figured out how to play FatBoy, right?

Well, the first step is to download the app. The game will be available on AppStore and Google Play. 

After downloading it, a user can choose their character. They will have many options to choose from, such as Fat Don, Fatcz, FatmanTerra, Fat Mask, Fatanders, Fat Kim, Fatalik, Fatmam, or Fat Hill. The development team plans on building even more characters. 

Each FatBoy has its traits, including a certain level, a ranking, a level of luck, and another of rarity. FatBoys can be Common, Rare, Epic, or Ultra. Each such trait comes with specific benefits for players. 

After the user chooses their FatBoy, it’s time to discover the FatBoy world. There are numerous activities players can perform in the game, so the fun never stops. Basically, players have to take care of their FatBoy as well and as much as they can. 

It’s pretty simple, actually – players have to pay attention to 4 basic needs: hunger, fun, hygiene, and energy. If they are maintained well, their FatBoy will be happy and healthy. Feed him, clean him, make him exercise, entertain him, and make sure he gets enough sleep, and the FatBoy should be the happiest in the entire ecosystem. 

Players can purchase various tools from the in-game marketplace in order to maximize their success with their virtual characters. They can choose from numerous items, including sports accessories (treadmill, dumbbells), entertainment accessories (TV, notebook), or even food (burgers, pasta, pizza, pancakes). 

Besides, users can also surprise their FatBoys with cute pets to make their lives happier, more colorful, and more fun. After all, who would not want a pet to cheer them up, right? 

The FATTY ecosystem

The FATTY ecosystem is probably one of the most diverse at the moment, especially if we think of crypto games. FATTY is so much more than just FatBoy. Of course, FatBoy has its charm, and nobody can deny it, but the magic happens when users discover how much more they can do once you start playing it. 

FatBoy is the ticket to the FATTY ecosystem, offering users a fun journey and plenty of earning opportunities. 

FATBOT allows users to gain a technological advantage over retail by setting up a bot and sniping memes or altcoins from the very first second of trading. The platform offers fast trades, auto sniping, copy trading, trading analysis, buy/sell limits, and, probably most importantly (at least for some users), scam protection and an anti-rug mechanism. Besides, FATBOT is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, and it developed a bot academy that can help new users set up their first bot. 

The presale

As we mentioned before, FATTY focuses on making users’ crypto experiences better with each day that passes, encouraging them to take advantage of everything it offers. 

At the moment, FATTY is holding its first token presale event. The presale started on July 4, 2024, and the surprising and heartwarming thing is that the project managed to raise almost $1.5 million of its $1.8 million goal in the first 12 hours of the event. This is living proof of FATTY’s engaged community and the trust it puts into the crypto project.

The presale event will be divided into multiple phases with various prices for the FATTY token, the project’s native token. The current price is only $0.018, with the final price being set at $0.030. To discover more about FATTY, FATBOT, and FatBoy, check out the project’s whitepaper or follow the project on Discord, X (Twitter), Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Medium.

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