DeeStream presale draws Tether, Tezos investors amid BTC halving buzz

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Amid a volatile crypto market, DeeStream’s presale accelerates as Tether expands supply and Tezos holders search for robust investment opportunities.

The crypto market still reels from last weekend’s Bitcoin correction. Assets are either stalling or trying to recover their losses. In the past week, Tether expanded its supply by 2b tokens, increasing overall available liquidity.

Investors in former stars like Tezos are now looking for strong performers. This is why the DeeStream token presale is gathering speed, as it distributes the next batch of scarce tokens. 

Tether adds new supply after market correction 

Tether expanded its total supply from around 107b to 109.5b in just a week. The new printing will affect all markets where Tether makes up most of the trading pairs. Tether has not broken its peg of $1 for years now and is considered safe and essential for the crypto market. 

Tether is still the undeniable number 1 stablecoin. Its holders have the widest trade options on centralized and decentralized markets. Tether trading volumes reached 82b in 24 hours, meaning not all coins are used for trading, and some are sitting on the sidelines, looking for promising tokens to boost returns. 

A high Tether turnover signals that the current bull cycle has not stalled. But at this point, investors are making more careful choices when selecting the tokens with the best upside potential. 

Tezos aims to regain $1 range

Tezos dipped as low as $0.89 during the latest market slide. The asset recovered to $0.99 with the goal of moving above $1 again. Tezos is ranked at position 85 at this price based on its market capitalization. 

Trading volumes have also fallen under $50m in 24 hours, suggesting smart money may be moving out of Tezos in April. Tezos has performed only a minor rally in Q1 and is yet to move to a higher price range.

In terms of price and as a network, Tezos lags behind its promises. Although the Tezos blockchain has most of the capabilities to build decentralized projects, developers and users simply moved to other networks, especially Ethereum and Solana. 

DeeStream brings new token with significant upside potential

DeeStream is building a new streaming platform where gamers can earn revenues and fans can choose to support the best content. To add value to this platform, DeeStream will generate only 300m tokens, of which the community will receive 210m in a series of discounted presales. 

DeeStream showed the potential to become a blue chip asset, as it closed five fruitful presale stages so far. During the now-open stage 6, DeeStream offers its tokens at $0.06. Owning those tokens will not only translate into future gains on the market but will grant rights to future utility. DeeStream tokens will allow users to support streamers but also withdraw their tokens if they no longer like the content. 

All presale participants will have early access to the alpha and beta versions of DeeStream. Wallet holders will also receive bonuses, revenue shares, airdrops, and even personalized perks for power users. 

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website.

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