Craig Conover Reacts to Paige DeSorbo Cheating Rumors on ‘Southern Charm’

Southern Charm s Craig Conover Claps Back at Taylor After She Claims Paige DeSorbo Cheated on Him 291

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Taylor Ann Green came out swinging during Southern Charm’s season 9 premiere — and Craig Conover felt her wrath.

“I will say, from my perspective, the way that you approached our breakup was really shitty,” Taylor, 28, told Craig, 34, during the Thursday, September 14, episode, referring to her split from Shep Rose. “We used to be friends. I haven’t heard from you. You didn’t even talk to me.”

Us Weekly confirmed in July 2022 that Taylor and Shep, 43, split after two years together. During the season 8 Southern Charm reunion, which aired in October 2022, Taylor accused Shep of cheating on her with several women. (Shep said that he doesn’t “keep score” and insisted he will “always love Taylor.”)

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During Thursday’s premiere, Taylor revealed that even Madison LeCroy texted her after the split and claimed that Craig never checked in.

“You called Austen [Kroll] and laughed about Shep trying to cheat on me. You laughed about it,” she alleged. Craig denied having any part in Shep’s alleged infidelity and claimed that he actually “stopped” Shep from kissing a girl named Mia Alario (from Southern Hospitality) when he saw them at Leva Bonaparte’s bar while Shep and Taylor were still together.

Craig pointed out that Taylor was his “friends’ girlfriend” and therefore he couldn’t “go behind his back” and take Taylor’s side after the Shep drama. “The girls have had my back … the only guy who’s had my back is Austen,” Taylor quipped.

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A frustrated Craig reiterated that he did everything possible to keep Shep from hooking up with Mia despite Taylor’s claims to the contrary.

“You weren’t there the night he did it. I threw him through a f—king wall,” Craig screamed as their friends watched. “Screw you. … I didn’t cheat on you my f—king friend did.”

Taylor fired back, “What about your girl cheated on you?” insinuating that Craig’s longtime partner, Paige DeSorbo, had been unfaithful. Craig laughed off the remark, telling Taylor, “You’re embarrassing yourself” before leaving the party.

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Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover.
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Taylor’s quip isn’t the first time Craig and Paige, 30, have weathered cheating rumors since going public in fall 2021.

Ahead of filming season 8 of Southern Charm in summer 2021, Craig hooked up with his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo. The fling made headlines in early 2022 because of the timing of the brief romance. Craig later confirmed that he and Paige were not exclusive when he spent time with Naomie, 31, and she was aware of everything that happened between them.

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“OK, I’m going to be totally honest. I feel like if you’re gonna hook up with your ex-girlfriend, you should do it in Vegas,” Paige told Andy Cohen in May 2022 when asked about Craig and Naomie’s hookup. “And so, when I heard those rumors, I wasn’t that mad. Just because I was in New York, doing whatever I wanted and he didn’t hear about my rumors. So I was like, ‘OK, let’s keep this on the forefront.’”

One month later, Craig exclusively told Us Weekly that his Vegas fling with Naomie was the “closure that I didn’t realize I needed. … I’m happy that it happened. It was just closure that I was able to be, like, ‘You know what? I can finally see what I want for my future and life.’”

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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