CNN's Jim Acosta Weighs in on Biden 'Napgate' and Gets Exactly the Responses He Deserves

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It absolutely never fails that amid scandals of the media’s own creation, self-proclaimed journalist Jim Acosta will usually say something that accidentally confirms our worst suspicions about their motivations and left-leaning political biases.

Acosta, as RedState readers are well aware, was at the center of many press outbursts over the course of his time as a White House correspondent for CNN during the Trump years. He made a name for himself amongst the Very Online Left for showboating during press briefings and sparring with Trump at times, all to prove to the outrage machine and his network’s 27.4 viewers that he was a True Believer in the Orange Man Bad theory.

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Over the last three and a half years, of course, there’s been a different Orange Man in the White House – Joe Biden.  Fittingly, just before Biden took office, it was announced that Acosta had a new beat, shifting from the Trump White House briefing room to a comfy seat in the CNN newsroom, where he would do weekend anchor work.

Reading between the lines of that move, shifting Acosta to weekend news anchoring was a signal that his work as an anti-Trump Resistance Leader™ for the media was all but done, and so CNN rewarded him with a nice, long vacation from asking tough questions of a president — since there would be no tough questioning of a Democratic president on their watch, anyway.

Fast forward to the present day, and Acosta has adopted the classic “I’m lovin’ it” McDonald’s slogan, doing his level best on each broadcast to cheerlead for his beloved Biden and Democrats while continuing to traffic in anti-Trump/GOP “journalism.”

Case in point, his reaction to the Monday story from the New York Times that revealed Joe Biden took daily naps during his debate prep sessions, which meant that the 10 am – 4 pm coherency window in which we’d previously been told he could be counted on to be “dependably engaged” had narrowed significantly by at least an hour.

In true Acosta fashion, here’s how he responded:

He got exactly the reactions he deserved.

“A three-and-a-half-year-long one, as it turns out,” quipped Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller.

Our colleague Doug Powers added, “Also we all know, Jim, because when it comes to speaking ‘truth to power’ to a president in the WH you’ve been taking a nap since Jan. 20th, 2021.”

There was also this, from the indefatigable Jim Treacher:

I have no issue with people taking naps, and that includes the purported leader of the free world. What I do have an issue with is when that same leader who already has a shortened timeframe for allegedly being able to be “dependably engaged” narrows it even more with naps (and frequent vacations).

It’s an issue that raises big questions about just who is in charge while Biden is almost quite literally asleep at the wheel on any given day of the week. Once upon a time, Jim Acosta would have treated it as a big deal, too.  But that was then, and this is now, where we have a (D)ifferent president and one who is eminently more preferable to Acosta than his nemesis, Donald Trump.

Dear Diary, would you make sure the CNN set is stocked with extra-strength Tylenol, blank copies of the Hurt Feelings Report, smelling salts, and fainting couches on election night? Because if the current political trajectory holds for Joe Biden, I think Jim Acosta and his colleagues are going to need them. Bigly.

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