Bitcoin and Solana lead in inflows, NuggetRush set for gains

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There have been outflows from Grayscale’s GBTC in the past few weeks. However, there has been a recent increase in crypto investments, with over $708 million put into various assets. 

The top two assets with the highest liquidity are Solana and Bitcoin. Additionally, the crypto community is showing interest in NuggetRush. Over 171 million NUGX has been traded in the past few weeks before launch.

Bitcoin leads inflows 

CoinShares notes that inflows into crypto funds have exceeded the outflows from Grayscale’s GBTC for the first time in weeks. 

In the past week, crypto funds saw net inflows of $708 million, mainly driven by Bitcoin, which accounted for 99% of total inflows. 

These inflows have helped stabilize Bitcoin’s price to range between $42,500 and $43,500 in the past week. 

On the other hand, investors have been taking profits, resulting in outflows of over $926 million from GBTC.

NuggetRush hit record sale in presale

NuggetRush is generating interest among the crypto community as Bitcoin sentiment improves. 

Due to its unique gaming platform, the platform has sold over 171 million NUGX. 

The game is set in a virtual world based on the gold rush era, where players can mine for gold and other precious metals using NFT avatars. 

It also allows collaborating with other players to raise their chances of winning and exchange rewards for real money, gold, and NUGX. 

As part of the game, certain rewards are also provided to support miners in less developed countries.

Investors flock back to Solana

A CoinShares report notes that Solana-based products have received $13 million in the past week, surpassing Ethereum and Avalanche. 

This inflow could boost SOL prices in the coming weeks. If the trend continues, the coin may reach $120.


Investors are showing more interest in crypto products lately, which could increase asset prices across the market. Some popular assets like BTC and SOL may see gains, further increasing the profile of NuggetRush, a project increasingly being monitored.

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