Biden's New Interview to Staunch the Debate Debacle Panic Just Helps Dig the Hole Deeper

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Joe Biden is now trying to remediate his image by having his surrogates spin for him and hitting friendly media outlets for interviews. 

We saw Democratic governors Tim Walz, Kathy Hochul, and Wes Moore come out and speak on his behalf after a meeting with him on Wednesday. But that created its own controversy since California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer didn’t join them although they did tweet support. Newsom and Whitmer are among the names being bandied around as replacement possibilities for Biden. Then, yet another controversy arose because Biden reportedly claimed he’d had a doctor’s check-up after the debate. Yet no one had been told about it before and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied on Wednesday that he had any medical exam. So you had the White House contradicting what Biden was telling the governors, raising the question with Biden’s constant lying if what he said was even true. 

He also has an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos which is supposed to air on Friday, moved up from Sunday. Did they move it up to help Biden? It’s also not going to be live, so frankly, they could do anything to make it look better for Biden, and you’d just have to take their word for it. 

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Biden also did an interview with Wisconsin radio host Earl Ingram, who is a supporter, so again a friendly interview. They only spoke for about twenty minutes. 

“I had a bad night, and the fact of the matter is that, you know… I screwed up. I made a mistake,” he said. “I didn’t have a good debate. That’s 90 minutes on stage. Look at what I’ve done in 3.5 years.” 

First, was he reading? Biden said “three point five” rather than three and a half the way one normally speaks. Translation: it sounds like he was reading a response and it was written “3.5.” 

Second, the debate was supposed to make up for the poor polls he was getting over his performance. People had been looking at what he’s done for 3.5 years, and they weren’t happy with his bad policies, the foreign chaos, or the crushing inflation that he’d brought. That’s why he was doing so badly. So trying to say, “Look at what he’s done,” really doesn’t help him. 

But finally, even if he had done a great job, if he’s now incompetent, you wouldn’t want him in the position anyway because it would put us all in danger. So not a great argument. 

The more he keeps focusing on it, the more it implants in people’s minds that there’s a problem — if they didn’t already think there was. But they’re panicking, and they don’t know what to do to save him. 

Biden also attacked former President Donald Trump over talking about protecting black jobs during the debate. Biden then claimed that Trump was equating black people with menial labor, which is not what Trump said — that’s how Biden interpreted it. Biden has a long history of questionable racist comments about black people, from Barack Obama being the first African American presidential candidate who was “clean” and “nice looking” to suggesting black families don’t know how to raise children or teach them words. Infamously, he said during a 2020 debate that they should “play the record player” to help with the “problem.” So, really, not the person who should weigh in about what anyone else says. 

“The vote of the black community matters intensely,” Biden argued. “Who’s going to represent you except folks like me?” Biden claimed. Oh, maybe the guy who didn’t crush people with inflation? The guy who didn’t seem to get us involved in other wars? The guy who cut taxes and regulations so people could prosper? Hint: that was Trump, not Biden. 

That’s why Americans, including black Americans, are all moving to Trump. 

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