Biden Flips Out on Reporters When They Ask Whether He Should Continue in Race

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Joe Biden had a disastrous Wisconsin campaign event on Friday, even as his team is trying to do what they can to deal with concerns about his cognitive decline.  

At that event, Biden didn’t even seem to know what year it was, saying that he would beat former President Donald Trump in “2020.”

But finally, reporters managed to corner him, and I think this is the first time that he’s answered questions since the debate. 

They asked him if he had spoken to members of Congress, and he said he had. He said he spoke to about 20 of them and they wanted him to stay in. 

He’s, of course, ignoring the members publicly and privately saying he should step aside. He’s also not talking about the donors who are halting the money until he does. 

Biden said that he was “completely ruling that out.” 

It’s pretty obvious, at least at this point, if the Democrats are going to put someone else in there, they are going to have to go around him. Because it doesn’t look like he [or Jill] are going to give in. 

Biden said yes, he was committing to debate Trump again, which shows no sense on his part. We think it can’t get any worse than the first one. But it’s Joe Biden; he can always go lower. But at this point, former President Donald Trump should say we’ve already seen he’s not capable and it would be cruel. 

Biden got upset when they asked him about a “succession plan.”

“What do I need a succession plan for,” he asked. C’mon, man — you need it in case what’s happened right now happens — in case you’re incapacitated. 

But that’s Joe Biden; he doesn’t like being challenged. 

He really snapped at the reporters when they dared ask him if “democracy is at risk,” how can he say he’s the best person against Trump? 

“Because I’ve beaten him before,” Biden claimed, saying he’d gotten more done than anyone occupying the office before him. He really thinks that. He might be right if he means more bad things. But he then lit into the reporters. 

“You’ve been wrong about everything so far!” Biden ranted at them. “You were wrong about 2020, you were wrong about 2022. We were going to get wiped out — remember the red wave? You were wrong about 2023.” He claimed Democrats “won all the tough races except two,” then added, “So, look, we’ll see.” 

Indeed, we will if he stays in. But this is also funny given it’s the media that’s been running cover for him until it all came crashing down with the debate. Yet here he is when mildly pressed, reaming them for daring to question him. He’s not used to them challenging him. 

He really isn’t living in reality, and he doesn’t care what people are telling him if they’re telling him to get out. He’ll just refuse delivery.

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