AutoGrab breaks into Europe, appoints Pontin as UK chief

Automotive intelligence platform AutoGrab is expanding into the UK, as part of its global growth strategy.

Rupert Pontin joins to lead the UK and will be joined by April Allanson and Paul Kelly who will drive AutoGrab’s business development strategy within the UK retail network.

AutoGrab’s digital products are tailored for vehicle sourcing, acquisition, customer outreach, valuation, in-depth market and inventory analysis, and optimised retail and wholesale selling strategies.

AutoGrab’s Sourcing Tool is designed to streamline the vehicle procurement process for dealers using data analytics and market intelligence to source high-demand vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively.

Additionally, the Customer Recapture tool helps boost customer retention. By using VIN, registration, and mobile numbers, the platform can detect when a vehicle re-enters the market, providing retailers the first opportunity to re-engage with customers potentially seeking another vehicle.

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