Attorney General Tong to investigate problem-plagued Capulet Festival

Connecticut attorney general William Tong will investigate a music festival held over the weekend in Hartford.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Tong said his office has received over 60 complaints from ticket holders of the problem-plagued Capulet Fest.

“Nothing makes me more angry than seeing people in our state getting ripped off,” Tong said. “As a consumer and as a fan, what happened to the people who paid for tickets is outrageous, wrong and unacceptable. That’s why I am announcing an investigation. What we know is that people were told they would get a three day music festival at the Thompson Motor Speedway and that it would be accessible and safe.”

The investigation is against Capulet Entertainment LLC and its owner Estevan Vega, who changed the location of the three-day music festival from the Thompson Speedway to the Webster Theater in Hartford, a smaller venue over an hour away. The rock festival was supposed to run June 28 through June 30 but several bands dropped out after the venue change and some fans were told there was no longer room for them. On Sunday, the event’s last day, the festival was suddenly canceled, with some fans scrambling to get refunds.

Now Tong is calling the festival a potential public safety hazard.

“Inadequate attention has been paid to safety, hygiene, toilets, first aid, to security,” Tong said.

Ticket prices went as high as $700 for a three-day all access VIP pass.

The attorney general said he is advising ticket holders to “use all necessary avenues” to try and reclaim their money.

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