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Ask the Newsmakers: Celebrating Success in a Fast-Paced Industry

Being a real estate agent can often be likened to Greek mythology’s Sisyphus rolling a boulder up a hill day in and day out. Once a sale is closed and your clients move in, it’s on to the next transaction.

While many REALTORS® thrive in this type of fast-paced environment, when you spend so much time doing your job, it’s a smart idea to remind yourself that you’re good at it. To get some perspective, we asked a few of our 2023 Real Estate Newsmakers the following question:

“While the hustle never stops in real estate, how do you take time to remind yourself of your success?”

Here’s what they had to say:


Amy Pye

Head of Agency

Real Estate Webmasters

“I think that hustle culture actually perpetuates an unstable mentality that leads to burnout. I also think it’s important to foster a positive mindset and to regularly remind yourself of your successes as a source of motivation and self-appreciation. I do this by reading positive reviews, keeping a list of accomplishments and working closely with a mentor.”


Creig Northrop

President and CEO

Northrop Realty

“Real estate is a lifestyle, so you must consistently hustle, but be grateful for what is so rewarding when you achieve the most in a neighborhood for your seller or win that contract for your buyer. My biggest reminder of success now that I am a broker is in the success of our individual agents and teams. I call it Reach One, Teach One. Zig Ziglar said it best: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”


Charis Moreno

Vice President of Sales


“Our fundamental principle, Humans Over Houses®, serves as the guiding force behind all our decisions. Embracing the Humans Over Houses® philosophy means recognizing the value of each individual and acknowledging that we are more than just transactions. It’s about fostering genuine connections and prioritizing people’s needs and well-being above all else. Sometimes that means forcing myself to take a break or a vacation to connect with my family and myself. I recently did this and it reminded me that you cannot be your best for anyone if you are running on fumes.”

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