‘Accidental Idol' Kayko Denies His Role on ‘American Idol’ Was 'A Bit'

American Idol Kayko Calls Accidental Involvement Not Just a Bit
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Dubbed the “Accidental Idol,” Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen is giving an update on where he stands with Abby Blake after went further than her on American Idol.

“We are true friends. This thing was so not a bit for television,” Kayko, 23, told Parade in an interview published on Sunday, April 28. “She’s one of the closest people that I have in my life in Nashville, and so she asked me to be on the show because she wanted to take me up on this process.”

Viewers were in for a surprise when Kayko became a contestant on season 22 of American Idol after he was on hand to accompany Abby on piano while she sang Pink’s “What About Us” during her audition.

Kayko told Parade that his success on the competition series didn’t affect his friendship with Abby, 25, adding, “Her even being on Hollywood Week and us having this moment together, we’ll have that for the rest of our lives for sure.”

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According to Kayko, Abby is “super cool” and supportive of his journey. “I think she’s so talented,” he gushed. “Absolutely the world I think exists for Abby.”

During Abby’s aforementioned audition, judge Katy Perry asked Kayko if he was a singer which led to him auditioning with an original song titled “Time of Your Life.” The show invited both Abby and Kayko to compete.

American Idol Kayko Calls Accidental Involvement Not Just a Bit

Abby Blake
Disney/Eric McCandless

As the season progressed, Kayko made it to the Top 24 while Abby didn’t. Before his elimination from Top 10 night, Kayko reflected on how his preference for performing original songs may have cost him.

“It’s so hard. I’m like, ‘What the heck am I doing?’ every single time. But the strategy that I’m going to go with is to take a song and try and bring it to my own universe,” he explained to Parade. “I think that’s the only chance I have. I don’t think I could do any Ed Sheeran song better than Ed Sheeran did it.”

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He continued: “Original music is my passion. I am in this to share my artistry with the world. American Idol has given me such a platform to do that with I’m over the moon with how this process has gone so far.”

During the interview, which was conducted before Kayko’s exit, the singer reflected on how far he has come and the fan following he acquired along the way.

“That’s all I’ve wanted my whole life, was a small, little group of people that I feel like we all think alike, and I can share my thoughts and make music for them,” he added. “That’s what I care about. When this show is over, win or lose, you’re going to hear a lot more original music.”

American Idol airs on ABC Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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