A Past Clip of Doug Burgum on Ukraine Has Resurfaced. Should It Put a Hold on VP Talk?

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North Dakota Governor and former presidential candidate Doug Burgum (R) is one of the front-runners to become former President Donald Trump’s running mate; however, a clip that has resurfaced on X should put a halt to any talk about him becoming vice president, at least until he provides a more detailed explanation of his foreign policy stances.

In the clip that resurfaced on X, Burgum spoke about the war in Ukraine, adding that “We’re at war with Russia”:

We’re in a cold war with China, and we’re actually at war with Russia; we just haven’t sent troops yet. We’re sending material, we’re sending funding, we’re sending advisors.

From a business and entrepreneur perspective, Burgum is definitely a strong choice. When it comes to foreign policy, it seemed like he took China’s threat very seriously during his presidential campaign, and that is important; however, to suggest that America is already at war with Russia after saying our country has sent material, funding, and advisors, just not troops “yet” is a major red flag.

During the interview, Burgum had this to say about the matter:

The idea that if you just said: Wow, I got a bargain for you, you send a little bit of money, no troops, and they’ll destroy peer competitors. I mean, two years ago, we thought Russia was one of our competitors as a superpower from a military standpoint, and little Ukraine has been able to take a huge chunk of their capability. I don’t call that irresponsible spending; I call that a bargain. 

As Burgum knows very well, America is facing a $34.3 trillion national debt due to uncontrolled spending. The United States has already sent $113.4 billion in emergency funding. 

The host asked him: Point blank, do you support more funding for Ukraine?

Burgum responded, saying:

I support us making sure Putin does not get a win in Ukraine because this idea that somehow — and we’ve gotta understand as a nation — not Republicans or Democrats — that we have driven Russia into China’s arms. Russia is now China’s discount gas station and that somehow, if we don’t defeat Putin, it’s basically handing another win to China. You can’t say, ‘Oh, China’s our existential threat, but let’s not send money to Ukraine.’ Russia and China are absolutely connected, then throw in North Korea, who’s been meeting both with China and Russia. North Korea supplying arms to Russia.

Under the Trump administration, peace through strength worked and there were no new wars that were started. The last thing needed in the Trump administration is somebody who suggests we should continue funding Ukraine endlessly and even bring up the possibility of sending our troops to fight against Russia — or any country — and put our troops’ lives at risk, especially when it is a preventable situation.

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