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613. RT Rewind: May 1994 Reviews!

Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times RewindAmanda and I are traveling to May 1994 and taking a look at the book reviews in this edition of RT Rewind!

We’re answering many questions, including:

  • Why does five stars mean something is a classic, but one star is acceptable?
  • What do CS, RM, VR, and F stand for inside Contemporary and New Reality?
  • What grade did Dreaming of You receive?

There’s so much Fabio, a telepathic cat, blaming tornadoes for murder, and a lot of time travel.

But my gosh, golly, gee whiz, do not miss the visuals for this episode!


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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

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We also mentioned Amanda’s review of Dreaming of You, and this incredible performance of “Fancy” by Kelly Clarkson at the Kennedy Center Honors concert for Reba McEntire.



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