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5 Ways Your Sam's Club Membership Can Pay for Itself in One Trip

We’re all looking for extra ways to stretch our budget these days, and one way to do that is by becoming a member of Sam’s Club. The base membership costs $50 annually, but how quickly can you earn that money back by shopping at a discount warehouse club?

If you take advantage of the deals below, you can earn your annual membership cost back in just one trip. Here’s how to do it.

1. Buy a new iPad Pro

Savings: $50

Buying your electronics at Sam’s Club is a quick way to earn back your membership cost. I configured a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 128GB of storage on Sam’s Club website, and the price was $1,049, a full $50 cheaper than on Apple’s website.

You can boost your savings even further if you buy an iPad warranty. The warehouse club offers a two-year warranty for electronics priced between $500 and $10,000 through Allstate for $84.99. This warranty is much cheaper than the two-year AppleCare for iPad plan Apple sells for $149.

2. Buy travel gift cards or book a vacation

Savings: Up to $200

You can save a lot of money by buying discounted gift cards at Sam’s Club, and avid travelers will appreciate the lower-priced airline gift cards. Sam’s Club sells a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card for just $449.99, instantly saving you $50.

You can extend your travel deals if you’re staying at an Airbnb after you arrive at your location. Sam’s Club sells a $500 Airbnb gift card for just $484.80, saving you more than $15.

And if you want to save money on the entire vacation package, you can use Sam’s Club Travel to book vacation packages at a discounted rate. I found a deal for $200 off when booking at least two hotel nights and buying three park tickets to Universal Studios.

3. Buy prescriptions from Sam’s Club pharmacy

Savings: More than $50

Sam’s Club members can visit any of the 62,000 participating pharmacies and use their membership to receive up to 80% off the retail price of brand-name and generic prescriptions. While the discount varies, Sam’s Club says the average savings of its America’s Pharmacy program is 54%.

The average American spends more than $1,400 on prescriptions annually. So, assuming you paid for a three-month supply of prescriptions costing $350 and saved just 15% by buying them at Sam’s Club, you’d save $52.50 in just one trip.

4. Buy an outdoor furniture set

Savings: $400

I found a Member’s Mark six-piece outdoor dining furniture set listed for $1,499 on the Sam’s Club website — $400 off its original price. The furniture set has great reviews, too, with 377 reviewers giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars.

If you’re concerned about buying furniture from Sam’s Club, don’t be. Consumer Reports recently compared online shoppers’ overall satisfaction with their furniture purchase, and Sam’s Club ranked sixth of 17 retailers, beating Pottery Barn and Wayfair.

5. Get a set of tires installed

Savings: $80

If you purchase four tires from select brands, Sam’s Club has a free tire installation deal right now. The regular installation price is $20 per tire, so you’ll save $80 on top of the discounted tire costs.

In addition to the instant savings, Sam’s Club tire installation includes 24-hour roadside assistance, road hazard protection, lifetime tire balance, rotation, and flat repair, making the $80 savings an even sweeter deal.

While all Sam’s Club members have lots of potential savings options, some shoppers may want to consider upgrading their membership to the Plus tier to save even more.

Sam’s Club Plus costs $110 annually but includes perks like free shipping, free curbside pickup, and additional pharmacy savings. The Plus membership also allows you to earn 2% cash back on qualifying purchases, with a limit of $500 annually. If you do most of your shopping at Sam’s Club, the Plus membership may be the ultimate discount warehouse savings hack.

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