13 Scary Flicks for Your Budding Horror Movie Fan

We ranked 13 scary movies for kids from “just about anyone can watch” to “older kids only” that will get everyone pumped for the spooky season

So many kids love scary movies—or claim to love them until they end up having nightmares afterward. The requests to watch something spooky seem to ramp up every year in the lead-up to Halloween, and it can be tough for parents to find something appropriate. Kids want something that isn’t too babyish… but parents want something that isn’t going to have their children sleeping with all the lights on. Luckily, there are scary movies for kids that fit right into that sweet spot of mildly frightening without being utterly terrifying.

Of course, when it comes to what your kid can tolerate in terms of scary movies, mom and dad will know best, regardless of what a movie might be rated or how many jumps and thrills it contains.


Coraline is a good beginner scary movie for kids.
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An unhappy little girl discovers a doorway to another world, where she meets the doppelgangers of her parents. But not everything is as idyllic as it looks, and her very soul is in peril. This creepy flick would be a heck of a lot scarier if it were live-action, but the animation makes it much more suitable for kids.

Rated: PG.

Where to Watch: Tubi.


Goosebumps is a good scary movie for kids.
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There are lots of spooks and lots of laughs in this kid-friendly scary movie. Based on the beloved kids’ book series by R.L. Stine (played by Jack Black), it shows viewers what happens when monsters step off the page and into the real world.

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